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May 24, 2017
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CADAL is member of the Network of Democracy Research Institutes (NDRI) and the International Coalition to Stop Crimes against Humanity in North Korea (ICNK). It is an Associated Institute of Democratic Platform Project and it is registered as a Civil Society Organization at the Organization of American States (OAS).
April 20, 2017
With the participation of Liliana De Riz, political analyst, as a speaker, CADAL organized at its headquarters the first Foro Catalinas meeting of 2017. This time, De Riz provided a historical review of Argentine politics, up to the actual challenges facing the Mauricio Macri’s president.
March 21, 2017
With the participation of author and former political prisoner Jorge Olivera Castillo and jurist Daniel Sabsay, CADAL's programme Puente Democrático organized the conference «The Human Rights situation in Cuba 14 years after the Black Spring».
March 17, 2017
With the participation of Nelson Fernández, journalist, as guest speaker, CADAL held at its headquarters a new meeting Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires. This time, “La Nación” (Buenos Aires) permanent correspondent in Uruguay and press director of the TV channel “NSTV – Nuevo Siglo”, tackled in his last book (co-authored by the journalist Hugo Machín) the political and economic situation of Uruguay.
:: April 10, 2017
(Latin America Goes Global) Unlike their Latin American counterparts, Cubans face unique challenges traveling and emigrating within Latin America. And that doesn’t include the trouble leaving the island.
By Sybil Rhodes
:: February 23, 2017
(Latin America Goes Global) The Cuban government is practicing abroad what it is strictly forbidden within its own borders, infringing the political reciprocity principle in bilateral relations.
By Gabriel C. Salvia
:: February 21, 2017
(Latin America Goes Global) If Argentina were to help foment a global trend in xenophobia it would be worrisome, and surprising. The country has one of the most open migration regimes in the world.
By Sybil Rhodes
:: February 18, 2017
(Perfil/Buenos Aires, Argentina) The message I heard in Montreal was dire, both for the liberal values Cadal embodies and for the ability of think tanks and other civil society organizations to have any sort of effect on the world. However, I thought of reasons for optimism about Cadal´s ability to do good work even in the current difficult context.
By Sybil Rhodes