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Argentina, Brazil and Chile facing the new post-crisis world

During his presentation, Ferro referred to the following subjects: the weakness of the industrialized world in face of the strength of the emerging world; revaluation versus devaluation within the new global economic frame; the competitivity dilemma; those adapting to the new world: Brazil and Chile; and the theats for Argentina.

A new meeting fo Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires took place at CADAL's office with a presentation by journalist Raúl Ferro who referred to "Argentina, Brazil and Chile facing the new post-crisis world". Among the audience there were officers of the embassies of Austria, Holland and Poland.

Raúl Ferro is Business Intelligence Director of Business News Americas and editor of Intelligence Series and special reports. Before he collaborated in various business and finance publications: he was Director of América Economía magazine and he served at The Andean Report in Peru, The South Pacific Mail in Chile, the Latin American Newsletters from London, Spanish Trends from Madrid and McGraw Hill News Services  and Lagniappe Letter from New York. He is member of the Advisory Council and analyst of CADAL on the following subjects: business environment in Latin America, macroeconomic trends in Latin America, business with the base of the pyramid, social entrepreneurship and energy and mine.

During his presentation, Ferro dealt with the following matters: The weakness of the industrialized world in front of the emerging world strength; dollar devaluates but is still the reference currency and will keep on being it for a while; the "good" problems faced by emerging markets: revaluation versus devaluation in the new global economic environment; the competitivity dilemma: farewell to old exchange rate recipes; those adapting to the new world: Brazil and Chile; the threats for Argentina.

Click here to watch a video summing up the presentation (In Spanish)


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