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The questions of the second government of CFK

Carlos Fara and Marcos Novaro were guest speakers at the last meeting of Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires that had the sponsorship of Konrad Adenauer Foundation. On this opportunity, the political analysts referred to the begining of the second period of CFK and if there will be a continuation, a moderation or a radicalization of the kirchner model.

With the participation of Carlos Fara and Marcos Novaro as guest speakers CADAL organized at its office a new edition of Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires. On this opportunity, the political analysts referred to the begining of the second period of CFK and if there will be a continuation, a moderation or a radicalization of the kirchner model.

Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires was sponsored by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the assistants were officers from the embassies of Germany, Slovenia, United States, Norway, Poland and Switzerland.

Carlos Fara is Chairman of Carlos Fara & Asociados since 1991 (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He is specialist in public opinion, electoral campaigns, communications strategies and government marketing. He has been awarded with Premio Aristóteles to Excelence 2010, in acknowledgement to the work he conducted in the elections of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, being part of the Dream Team comprised by the world best 10 consultants for public campaigns. He has also won the award Gold EIKON for the best government communications campaign (2010) for the case of Mar del Plata (Argentina). He has taken part in more than 100 electoral campaigns in Argentina and Latin America with an effectiveness of 79% and in more than 450 research projects, consultancy works and trainings. Among his most important campaigns are the autonomy referendums in Bolivia; the candidate for President in Colombia for the party Polo Democrático Alternativo, Carlos Gaviria, and that of the current mayor of Mar del Plata, Gustavo Pulti (Argentina). He takes part in consultancy works with Newlink, from Miami (USA) and in frequent activities with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and International Republican Institute. He served as professor in several universities in Argentina, ITAM (Mexico) and Universidad Complutense (Spain). He has lectured in more than 100 venues in USA, Germany, Spain and Mexico among other countries. He is co-author of Manual de Marketing y Comunicación Política “Acciones para una Buena Comunicación”, edited by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Argentina, and editor of the CD “Marketing Político: Capacitando Candidatos” by ODCA and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung among others. He is vice-chairman of Asociación Latinoamericana de Consultores Políticos, associate of Asociación Internacional de Consultores Políticos and member of OCPLA. He is member of the Advisory Council of CADAL.

Marcos Novaro holds a BA in Sociology and a PhD in Philosophy from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). Currently he is director of the Program of Political History at Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani from UBA, and of Archivo de Historia Oral in the same univeristy and from Centro de Investigaciones Políticas. He is professor of "Leaderships, representation and public opinion", adjunct schollar of "Contemporary Political Theory" at UBA. He has published numerous articles in local and foreign journals. Among his most recent books are: Historia de la Argentina 1955/2010 (Editorial Siglo XXI, 2010), Historia de la Argentina Contemporánea (Editorial Edhasa, Buenos Aires, 2006), La Historia Reciente: Ensayos sobre la experiencia democrática argentina, en colaboración con Vicente Palermo (Editorial Edhasa, Buenos Aires, 2004), La Dictadura militar, 1976-1983 (Editorial Paidós, Buenos Aires, 2003, en colaboración con Vicente Palermo), and El derrumbe político en el ocaso de la convertibilidad, (Editorial Norma, Buenos Aires, 2002).

Marcos Novaro, Hernán Maurette, Public Affairs Manager of Nidera; and Gustavo Pedace, Institutional Relations Manager of Grupo Roggio.

Pablo Guido, economic analyst of CADAL and Carlos Fara.

Bettina Beywl from the German Embassy and Petra Kezman from the Embassy of Slovenia.



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